Flocking Flamingos

Youth Events & Fundraisers

There is always something going on in Youth Ministry.
This is where you can find out about specific events and/or fundraisers that are going on.

May - June 2024


Envelope Wall - Take an envelope with a number on it and return the envelope with that amount of money inside.
I.E. Take an envelope with 30 on it and return it with $30 inside.
Church Merch
We have all kinds of church merch for purchase! Simply place an order through our online merch store.
Flocking Flamingos
Help our flock of flamingos migrate to a new home each week! All you have to do is give a donation of any size and then fill out this form!
They do NOT need to flock to another church member's home. They can migrate to a friend or neighbor's house. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Rebecca.
Transportation for Gather (ECC Annual Meeting)
This year's ECC annual meeting is being held in our own backyard! Delegates and pastors from across the country will be flying into Cincinnati for our annual meeting. We are going to be able to provide transportation from the airport to the hotel. If you are interested in helping out as a driver, please email Pastor Rebecca.